The doctor is in!

Modern Responsive
Web Design

Web Design, Development, and Hosting is our primary business.  Our clients no longer need multiple websites for desktop and mobile devices. We create search engine friendly, responsive websites that automatically adjust their layouts to best fit a user’s screen. Our websites look great on all devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. We design websites to fit our clients’ needs, their budgets, and to help increase their bottom lines.  To get an idea of how our website design process works…

Web & Email Hosting
Domain Names

We can register domain names, host your website and email.  And now for a limited time, sign up for a 2 year hosting plan at 10% off, and get a FREE DOMAIN NAME!  Plus each domain name includes great features like Theft Protection, Domain Forwarding, and  DNS Management all FREE.  Did you know that some registrars charge extra for these features?  Some registrars also charge even more for renewal than they do for initial registration.  And let’s not forget support.  If you need help, you can speak with a real person–on the phone!  Sure you can email us, but during the day when you’d need it most, just give us a call.

Computer Repair &
Clean Up

Computer Repair and Clean Up is the other part of our business.  We’ll clean the infection from your PC without wiping your drive, repair damaged system files, bring Windows updates current if they’re not, install Avast AntiVirus and Malwarebytes Free Editions, and defrag your hard drive if it needs it.  Many times we can even recover data from hard drives that seem to be dead!

Domain "Listing"

At a glance, this may look like an invoice, but it’s not!  It’s an advertisement designed to make you think it’s a bill for something you’ve purchased before and should continue to buy.  However we’ve looked at this listing directory, and in our opinion, it is absolutely not worth the money.  In fact we would not put SOS4Net in this directory even if it was free.